Matt Hallum


Matt Hallum has been in real estate since 2006 and received great accolades being a top-producing builder representative for the 3rd largest home builder in the country. Matt brings a wealth of skill sets to his clients.  He was a wholesale and retail lender for many years before transitioning into the real estate industry.  He believes that it is always a good thing to get different perspectives and insights on things from the vast network of experience he has developed in real estate related industries.  

 Matt has a deep respect and appreciation for Karen, as she was instrumental on two of his personal real estate transactions. He was thoroughly impressed with her real estate knowledge, professional and caring nature of navigating the most expensive purchase that most people make.  Matt is proudly a recent addition to the Karapasha Realty family, and that is how he looks at it…as family.  

 Matt has a family of his own — a wife of 14 years and two beautiful and fun loving young sons.  He has been fortunate enough to travel the world, which has given him a wider perspective on many different trains of thought and cultures.

 Matt would love the opportunity to treat you like family, by giving you the best customer service, home buying intelligence, and support in looking at the home purchase from many different angles.  That is why he has a continual referral network — because his clients trust his knowledge and unique perspective with their friends and family.