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Real Living Karapasha Realty: Guess What is Coming To Katy?

by Karapasha Team on September 21, 2016

You’re traveling a long journey out to a different city (we know how big Texas is!) and the drive is starting to take its toll. “Okay, I need to pull over to the first station I see,” you think to yourself. To your surprise that amazing long-awaited billboard almost radiates a dazzling light and the adorable beaver’s smile is communicating a comforting message.


Real Living Karapasha Realty: Guess What's Coming To Katy?

Bucc-ee’s, the famed Texas convenience store and Travel Center has been unanimously approved by Katy City Council , as reported by Community Impact .

No longer will you have to wait until planning out a trip to enjoy beaver nuggets, because Bucc-ee’s will be located near Katy Mills Mall by Interstate 10 and the new Cane Island Parkway.

If there were another reason added to the list of why we love Katy so much, this would definitely be it!

Construction is already underway and it is set to be completed around summer 2017.


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