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Real Living Karapasha Realty: Advantages of Working with an Agent

by Karapasha Team on July 20, 2015

People - Young Couple and First House - Real Living Real EstateWhen it comes time to sell your current home or buy your future home, you will likely reach a point where you weigh out the pros and cons of using a licensed real estate agent. I may be biased, but it is my belief that you will find the advantages of working with a licensed real estate agent to be far greater than those that come with trying to navigate the market on your own. When you consider the time invested, the ever changing real estate markets, the mounds of paperwork, and other potential hurdles that can be minimized by having an agent on your side, the pros begin to speak for themselves! Below are some great reasons you should consider the services of a trusted and experienced agent for your next real estate transaction!

Market Knowledge


I can confidently say that the agents here at Real Living Karapasha Realty are area experts. The knowledge that they posses of the markets we operate in has value beyond measure. Market knowledge is one of the greatest things that a licensed real estate agent will bring to their client’s experience. Typically, an agent will have a least a few years of experience in their particular market and will have a healthy grasp of where it has been and where it is going. Real estate is a cyclical industry and having your fingers on the pulse of market trends can be difficult for someone who is uninitiated. Trying to stay on top of all this ever evolving information can be a daunting and difficult thing to do, but not only is it a real estate agent’s duty to do so, they are more than equipped to take on the task. Additionally, agents are very likely to be members of the communities that they service and will know things about their markets that can’t be quantified by numbers and data. Imagine moving to an entirely different city in a new state, or even country. There is so much more you need to learn about your new home outside of just the house itself. An experienced agent will have intimate knowledge of the area you are heading to and will be able to pinpoint, based off of your needs, where you should be looking to plant your flag.

Most Current Market Information

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To say that the real estate market moves fast is an understatement. Everyday homes go up for sale, get sold, have reductions in price, and so forth. There are plenty of consumer friendly websites available for buyers and sellers, but a real estate agent is your best bet if you want up to the minute updates. Licensed agents have access to MLS databases, such as HAR, that are updated in real time by the agents themselves. Many of the databases publicly available to consumers aggregate their information from these official databases and will often experience a lag between the time an update is made and the time the update is actually displayed. Licensed real estate agents will be aware of these types of changes the second they are made. For example, let’s say you have your eye on a particular neighborhood, but no homes that fit your needs are listed in the area at the time of your initial search. If you work with a licensed real estate agent, they will be on the constant look out for new listings in your desired neighborhood and will know the minute a new one goes up. That is a huge advantage to buyers and will give them an edge in obtaining their perfect home!

Marketing Guidance

US-Mimai-Real-Estate-Investments-OverseasWhen it comes time to list your own home for sale there will be a litany of things to consider and to do to make sure that you are as effective as possible in a competitive market. One of the most important decisions you will make as a home seller is where to set your list price. The wisest approach in deciding your home’s price is to compare and contrast your home against others that have recently been listed or sold in your area. Through their access to MLS databases, a real estate agent will be able to gather and compile this information for you. The best decision is an informed decision and expert guidance when deciding on a list price will go a long way towards avoiding stagnation on the market due to being overpriced or, even worse, losing out on money due to undervaluing your home. Once a list price is decided upon, marketing your home is the next step. Different agents will take different approaches, but here at Real Living Karapasha Realty, we have found a method that has worked out great for our clients! Our marketing process begins with high quality photos being taken by a professional team of photographers. Those photos will be used for several different marketing items. High end brochures will be designed, printed, and placed in your home upon listing. These brochures will be on display and made available to any potential buyers that come to your home for showings or open houses. Additionally, attached to the sign placed in your yard will be what we call a text rider. The text rider will have simple instructions a potential buyer can follow to get the pictures and pertinent information about your home sent to their phones instantly! Another huge marketing advantage that comes with working with a licensed real estate agent is their ability to list your home on an official MLS database. Only a licensed agent will be able to do that for you and your home’s inclusion on a MLS database will increase visibility dramatically as the large majority of consumer websites will obtain their information from there.

 Help With Negotiations

Buying - Getting the Keys - Real Living Real EstateWhether you are buying or selling a home, you can almost guarantee that you will hit a point of back and forth negotiations between you and the other party.  It is difficult to predict how this process will pan out as each transaction will come with circumstances of their own, but in the event things become difficult, having knowledgeable representation in your corner can make all the difference! Buyers will often find that once inspections are complete, there will be items that need to be fixed on the home they desire to purchase. A licensed real estate agent will be able to break down inspection reports and prioritize the items of concern. On the flip side, agents representing sellers will wade through buyers’ requests on behalf of their client. An agent’s first priority is their client’s contentment and more times than not a smooth closing with fair compromises on both sides is what all parties want from their home buying or selling experience. Having a licensed real estate agent looking out for you best interest will do much in the way of insuring that you get the most out of your transaction. Beyond that, parties on both sides of the line will rightfully become personally invested in this process. In the event that things become heated it can be a great advantage to have someone who has dealt with similar scenarios in the past to verbalize your wants and needs to the other side.

Experience With Paperwork

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Paperwork and real estate go hand in hand, no matter which side of the transaction you are on. For those who don’t deal with real estate specific paperwork on a regular basis, the amount of required documentation a seller or buyer is expected to sign and understand can be overwhelming. However, a licensed real estate agent will know these documents like the back of their hand. Having an agent on your side to break down the required paperwork is not only a great advantage towards protecting you, it can also expedite the process. Many may consider the amount of paperwork attached to real estate transactions as a major headache, but the good news is that the paperwork is consistent. What that translates to is that any agent with a few years of experience under their belt is going to have an expansive knowledge of any documentation that they bring forward to their clients. In other words, this won’t be their first rodeo!

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